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Two Friends Making a Difference

The Exposure Project is a hope fueled initiative educating and inspiring those with mental illness.  We believe every person has a story to tell and that there is immense power in each of those stories.  When we speak openly about our experiences, especially the scary and hard ones, we open ourselves up to healing and show others they are not alone.  Through online content, events and workshops we create a safe space for sharing, and moving towards our best life.  

Meet the team

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Hi - I'm Gabriella, but you can call me Gabs. I'm a Bay Area native, full-time marketer, and part-time wine tryer. Like many of you, I'm on a journey to become the best version of myself despite my mental illness, past experiences, and current circumstances. I created the Exposure Project to connect people and their stories. Oh, yeah, I have OCD. 



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I'm Katie and you're looking at my biggest accomplishment (hint: it's Exposure Project). I'm an advocate for you, your story, and chicken apple sausage. By day, I sell in ad-tech but by night, I work with Gaby to get your stories told and break the stigma that your story has any reason not to be told. Born and raised in the Bay, I currently reside in San Mateo. 

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