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Listen to This When You’re Anxious

If you’re anything like me, then music feeds your soul. Not only when you’re happy, but during every stage of your life and during every mood and emotion. I can argue, for me, at least, that we connect with music on a deeper level when we’re sad, anxious, or angry. Music allows us to release our emotions and find companionship with those who share similar feelings.

The psychological effects of music can be powerful too. Studies show that music promotes good health and well-being. Good music allows us to cope with stress in real time, while boosting our mood. #yesplease

I created a playlist that helps me, and hopefully you, cope with anxiety -- though these songs don't really have much to do with anxiety at all. Love, heartbreak, overcoming loss, and coming of age are a few of the themes you can find on my playlist.

Bear in mind, music is subjective; we all have different tastes. Still, I hope you enjoy!

--Listen to it on Spotify or play on YouTube (below) --

The Playlist Broken Down

1. Someone New - Banks

2. Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest

3. I Want You Around - Snoh Aalegra

4. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

5. Lost & Found - Jorja Smith

6. Ladders - Mac Miller

7. Reasons - Earth, Wind & Fire

8. Mary Jane’s Last Dance - Tom Petty

9. Grey Luh - Berhana

10. Saturn - Nao

Let us know if you enjoyed the playlist in the comments or on Instagram. Want to share a playlist? Click here.

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