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We Asked, They Answered: 10 Things You Can Do For Your Mental Health Right Now

We asked our favorite women what they do for the their mental health when the going get's rough.

  1. Buy a new plant. "I know it's a proven fact that getting your hands dirty and growing anything reduces stress and anxiety." - Kathryn

  2. Sweat it out. "Exercises releases any anxiety I have. I either run outside or use my Peloton and sweat all the anxiety I have out." - Anna Rose

  3. Sing really loud. "When I scream all of my favorite songs, I feel a release of pent-up energy I've been holding in. We've been taught to hold in any feelings that are loud or inconvenient to the people around us and for me, screaming releases that repressed energy. Also, I like to dance in the kitchen with my puppy a lot." - Aimee

  4. Watch comfort shows. "I like to put on a good movie, make myself a good meal, smoke a little and then watch it by myself while I chow down. Literally my zen time." - Denise

  5. Listen to music outside. "Listening to relaxing music, especially while laying out in the sun!" - Candace

  6. Organize your space. "Cleaning! It's so therapeutic to me and gives me something to accomplish." - Marilyn

  7. Find your hobby. "Hiking, cooking, and taking a hot bath." - Desiree

  8. Get outdoors with purpose. "Go outside and spend time with my garden. I water my flowers every morning and get excited about nourishing them and contributing to their growth. It also makes me feel connected to my late great-grandmother because it's her old garden and favorite place to spend time. Two of her hydrangea bushes are still growing and flowering." - Erin

  9. Calm your anxiety with a go-to method. "Research shows cortisol (your stress hormone) is only released by sweating or crying. So I work out, sauna, bath and dive into my feelings with a sad movie, journaling, talking, or therapy." - Jessica

  10. Prioritize Therapy: "Continuing to prioritize my therapy sessions, even if conducted virtually. This has been my savior, being able to manage both new and existing anxieties due to the pandemic. Prioritizing myself has been the best gift I could give myself during this time." - Jasmine

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