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Advekit x Exposure Project

Therapy is a unique experience for everyone and it would be naive of us to believe that we all have affordable and accessible access to what's historically been seen as a luxury. That's why we've teamed up with Advekit to give our followers 50% off their first session with select therapists. Please note that this is only available to residents in six states (NY, NJ, CA, WA, CT, and IL) but are working to bring them to many more. We talked to Whitney, Advekit's content creator and storyteller to share why we've gone to therapy and a win we've had while in therapeutic treatment.


"I'm a true therapy lover. 

It's always baffled me when someone says they have never considered seeking counsel from a professional, mainly because of how much healing and insight that I've personally encountered through it. 

I've personally seen multiple therapists, amidst multiple difficult life seasons over the years (i.e. lifelong autoimmune diagnosis, parents divorce, my brother's illness, recovering from military life). If and when I found myself down in a pit, I intentionally sought a therapist to help guide me out. 

The specific reason I've sought help recently is for my marriage — to help improve my communication skills with my husband and my emotional spirals I can find myself falling into at the push of a button. It's interesting because in my early twenties I couldn't really pin-point why I struggled with communication—specifically with my husband. He's my best friend, the one closest to me, the one who I trust the most in my life. WHY is he the main person I struggle most with? WHY do I get offended so easily? WHY do I feel so "unsafe" in conversations that actually cultivate needed growth and perspective? Doing therapy individually and together unraveled the blindspots within myself (and him). It helped us safely revisit old wounds, belief systems, and safety mechanisms put in place during our childhood. It helped us learn about our individual pain cycles  and how to get ahead of  unhealthy patterns of communication. It's helped us navigate painful conversations that would have otherwise left each of us emotionally exhausted and/or shut down. It's given us so many tools for ourselves, our marriage, and our future. Therapy is such a magical resource and it's something I will forever lean into when I need professional support and direction."

Thank you Whitney for being vulnerable with us and for sharing your personal story. Later this week, Gaby and I will be sharing our therapy stories and encourage you to share yours too (if you're comfortable). There's no shame in getting help. There's only power.

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